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What is Online Benjamins?

My Name is Rex McMahon owner and developer of this website. Here at Online Benjamins, we offer tips, tactics and strategies for making money online. We review the latest techniques and courses available. We try to assist others in their quest for success in the online business world.

I have a varied business background from restaurant ownership and management, to Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Nutrition, and for the last 23 years as an owner of retail tobacco shops and C-Stores. Since 2000, I have been actively involved in real estate investing, commodities/stock trading and affiliate marketing. So I have a unique set of business expertise, as we all do, to implement and augment my online business efforts.

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Online Business Opportunities

We all have different desires, goals, experiences and talents. If you are like me and are looking to access the online world for starting a blog, website, ecommerce store, affiliate marketing or any other digital business opportunity, you should check out the Wealthy Affiliate community and training. With over 2 million worldwide members of all experience levels, you have access to help from not only myself, but everyone at Wealthy Affiliate that. We are all happy and eager to help you succeed and reach all your goals and dreams.

Online Benjamins

If you would like more information on Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full review of the program HERE. You can join me and all the rest of the awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community for FREE by Clicking HERE:  you’ll get a chance to try it out and see how great the system is. You’ll be glad you did, and I hope to see you there soon.

I look forward to helping you pursue your goals. Let’s create the life you dream of.

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