John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review

I was recently introduced to John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program. This is an affiliate marketing or make money online program by veteran affiliate marketer John Thornhill. John has been a successful internet marketer for over 15 years now and has generated millions in sales.

He has put together a program to train students how to recreate his success. The ambassador program provides training on creating your own online course and how to promote it. There is a free webinar that explains the program and all it entails. You can sign up for the free webinar below and check it out for yourself, and I always recommend that you do just that.

What is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program?

Ambassador Program Review

  • Product: The Ambassador Program
  • Price: $497 + Upsells
  • Owner: John Thornhill
  • Niche Market: Affiliate Marketing
  • Overall Rating:75 out of 100 – recommended
John Thornhill's Ambassador Program - John Thornhill
John Thornhill's Ambassador Program review - Ambassador Program logo

John Thornhill is a Recognized JVZoo ‘Product of The Day’ Vendor, Top 1% JVZoo Affiliate, Top 1% Platinum ClickBank Vendor & Affiliate and World Renowned Success Coach

John Thornhill’s Ambassador program is an online business program that shows people how to build and launch their own affiliate products. You become the product creator and you can sell the program yourself and through affiliates like yourself as well, to scale your income with their sales.

In the free webinar, John shows his Proven Formula That Can Generate Automated Leads And Sales for your business in under thirty minutes. John has followed one simple formula in his 15 years in the business and it has produced sales of up to $10,427 per day. He shares this formula in the free webinar as well.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is sold via a webinar teaches students how to create their own digital products, and it also provides them the license rights to sell John’s tried and proven products through their own webinar funnel. You can have your own webinar sales funnel up and running in as little as thirty minutes, and be generating income.

Here’s What You Will Discover in John’s FREE Webinar:


How he generated $1,362,342 on ClickBank and how you can copy my business even if you’re a stone-cold newbie who hasn’t made a dime online.


His easy to follow formula for generating $1182 payments time after time while working no more than an hour per day.


How you can set up this proven system and be ready to generate leads and sales in as little as 27 minutes from a standing start.

How Does The Ambassador Program Work?

The main product on offer is John Thornhills Ambassador Program. Becoming an Ambassador member enables you to instantly ‘license’ John’s products and keep 100% of the sales. As a member you will also get your very own custom-built Evergreen Webinar completely set up for you and ready to generate subscribers and take orders.

Members also get their own custom-built affiliate website completely set up with a 50/50 profit share from their affiliate sales. And, you can even recruit other affiliates into the Ambassador program. Ambassador members get 99 days worth of ready-made emails that you load into your email autoresponder to send out to your email list to market the Ambassador program.

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program review - Diagram of how the process works

Ambassador members receive 100% of all the sales of John’s products and 50% of the sales of the high converting selected products that are also promoted within the 99-day email sequence. Any up sells of John’s products pay out a 50/50 profit share to Ambassador members.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Overview:

The main product on offer is John Thornhills Ambassador Program. This enables purchasers/ members to instantly ‘license’ John’s products and keep 100% of the sales. However, the member receives much more.

John Thornhills Ambassador Program Members Will Receive:

  • Their very own custom-built Evergreen Webinar completely set up for them that is ready to generate subscribers and take orders.
  • Their very own custom-built affiliate website completely set up that can generate a 50/50 profit share from their affiliates earnings. Yes, they can even recruit affiliates.
  • 99 days worth of ready-made emails that can be plugged into their autoresponder in seconds that has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis.
  • 100% of all the sales of my products and 50% of the sales of carefully selected products that will be promoted in their 99-day email sequence.
  • A 50/50 profit share of the sales of any upgrade offers their affiliates invest in.
  • Advanced traffic training including done for you traffic.
  • Ongoing training.
  • Full support.
John Thornhill's Ambassador Program review - Exclusive webinar invitation

More About John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program:

Once someone joins John Thornhill’s Ambassador program, they are introduced to John’s Advanced Training/Coaching Program ” John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program”. This is an up sell and will cost extra obviously. The Partnership to Success Program is where members learn how to create and market their own products and not rely on promoting other peoples offers.

John has been coaching students since 2011 and is very confident in this coaching program. So much so, that he offers a 100% money back guarantee. In addition to helping his students create and launch their own products, John promotes his students product launches once they have created it. You get John Thornhill, one of the most successful online marketers, promoting your product to his followers. So, members that complete the coaching program have a 100% success rate. John has the Proof.

Tools and Training

1.) You will receive your very own custom-built webinar funnel completely set up for you that is ready to generate the subscribers and take orders.

2.) You will also receive your very own custom-built affiliate website completely set up for you that can generate a 50/50 profit share from John affiliate’s earnings.

3.) You will get 99 days worth of ready-made emails that can be plugged into your autoresponder with the potential to generate sales on a daily basis.

4.) You’ll receive 100% of all the sales of his products and 50% of the sales of the pre selected products that are promoted in the 99-day email sequence.

5.) You will receive a 50/50 profit share of all the sales of any up sell offers your customers purchase.


John Thornhills will promote our site to his 20,000+ blog readers and social media followers that alone has the potential to generate massive sales for you.

John will also add his signature promoting your site to the bottom of EVERY broadcast email in the 99-day email sequence.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador program has a privater Facebook group where members can ask questions and get help .


  1. Main Offer – John Thornhills Ambassador Program $497
  2. Upgrade Offer 1 Ambassador Elite – $997 – This is an upgrade to The Ambassador Program that pays more commissions and includes done for you traffic and affiliate recruitment.
  3. Upgrade Offer 2 – John Thornhills Partnership to Success Program – John’s coaching program sells for $1997 up to $3997 (or 12 x $197 on the recurring plan), this where you get one on one coaching from John and his team.
  4. If you take advantage of John’s offer during the free webinar, you will also get the following bonuses included.

Limited Time Bonuses

Who is The Ambassador Program for?

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is for serious about learning online marketing. First off, it’s not cheap, so you need to make sure that this is something you really want to do before you shell out $497 dollars. If you have already gotten your feet wet with affiliate marketing and are ready to take the next step and venture into product creation, this is a great program for you.

As you get deeper into the program, some of the traffic methods involve paid advertising which comes at an additional cost. Paid ads takes time and money to learn, but can accelerate your income as well. Just be prepared for additional costs. In short, this program is geared more for the intermediate affiliate marketer. It claims to be beginner friendly, and beginners can have success with it, just most beginners don’t have the excess funds available to invest in a program of this price level plus the additional costs of ads etc.

Can You Make Money with The Ambassador Program?

Of course, you can make money with the Ambassador program. John Thornhill has over 15 years of success and experience. He is one of the best in the business. If you put in the work, follow his instructions and invest the time and money to learn and promote the program, you will make money. No doubt about it.

It’s not easy, simple maybe, but it takes work folks. Everything that is legit take work. If someone is selling you something that they claim is get-rich-quick,,,,,RUN AWAY! There is no such thing. Trust me, I’ve been taken by some of them. I have a few years on some of you so I’ve seen somethings. Learn from my mistakes.

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program can make you money, a lot of money, but it will take some focus, work, dedication and of course money. If you’re not willing or able to do those things, please save your money.

sales funnels - cash

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program: Pros & Cons

The table below is my opinion of the Pros and Cons of John’s Ambassador Program. I suggest you click on the button below the table and watch the free webinar and decide for yourself. After all, it is your money and your business.

Ambassador Program ProsAmbassador Program Cons
Step by step guidance from proven veteraninitial price of $497 a bit much for beginners
on going training and supportadditional cost of paid ads
John’s high quality products to promoteno training in SEO or website development
too advanced for beginners

Be aware

To see the most success with this program, you will need to be prepared to invest additional funds into paid advertising, like google and Facebook ads. At first, you may actually lose money on these ads as you are learning, but if you stick with it, you will be able to scale your income rapidly.

The Ambassador Program vs Wealthy Affiliate

My #1 recommended program for internet marketing is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Where John Thornhill’s Ambassador program provides ready-made websites for you, at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to build websites yourself and how to attract traffic and customers. The chart below gives a comparison between the Ambassador program and Wealthy Affiliate so you can see for yourself which might be most beneficial for you. There is a button for a free 7-day trial of Wealthy Affiliate and you don’t even need a credit card, just an email and your in. You can read my full review of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform here:

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Frequently Asked Questions

cartoon figure scratching his head with a giant red question mark behind him

What is John Thornhill’s Ambassador program?

John Thornhill’s Ambassador program is a comprehensive training and mentoring program designed to help individuals become successful online entrepreneurs. It provides step-by-step guidance and support in building and scaling an online business.

How can I join John Thornhill’s Ambassador program?

To join John Thornhill’s Ambassador program, you need to visit his official website and look for the enrollment details. Follow the instructions provided and complete the registration process.

What do I gain from joining John Thornhill’s Ambassador program?

By joining John Thornhill’s Ambassador program, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including training modules, live coaching sessions, marketing strategies, and community support. You also receive guidance from John Thornhill himself, drawing from his extensive experience and success in the online business world.

Is prior experience required to join the Ambassador program?

No, prior experience is not required to join John Thornhill’s Ambassador program. The program is designed to cater to individuals at various skill levels, from beginners to experienced entrepreneurs. The training and support provided will help you progress regardless of your prior experience.

How long does John Thornhill’s Ambassador program last?

The duration of John Thornhill’s Ambassador program can vary depending on the specific enrollment option you choose. It typically involves several months of training and mentoring to ensure you have ample time to learn, implement strategies, and achieve your goals.

Can I access the program materials at any time, or are there specific schedules?

The program materials in John Thornhill’s Ambassador program are typically available for access at any time. This flexibility allows you to work through the training modules and resources at your own pace, fitting them into your schedule.

Is there a refund policy for John Thornhill’s Ambassador program?

Refund policies may vary, so it’s best to check the terms and conditions provided by John Thornhill’s Ambassador program. Be sure to review the refund policy before joining to understand your options in case you encounter any issues or are unsatisfied with the program.

Will I receive one-on-one support from John Thornhill himself?

Yes, one-on-one support from John Thornhill is a key aspect of the Ambassador program. He provides personalized coaching and mentorship to help you overcome challenges, answer your questions, and guide you towards success in your online business endeavors.

Can I participate in the Ambassador program if I don’t have a specific niche or business idea yet?

Absolutely! John Thornhill’s Ambassador program covers various aspects of online business, including niche selection and business idea generation. The program will assist you in identifying profitable niches and developing your business idea based on your interests and expertise.

Is there ongoing support and a community for program participants?

Yes, there is ongoing support and a community for program participants in John Thornhill’s Ambassador program. You will have access to a dedicated community forum or group where you can connect with fellow ambassadors, share experiences, ask questions, and receive additional support.

Can I still benefit from the program if I already have an existing online business?

Yes, even if you already have an existing online business, you can still benefit from John Thornhill’s Ambassador program. The program offers valuable insights, strategies, and advanced techniques that can help you enhance and grow your current business to new levels of success.

The Ambassador Program: The Final Verdict

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is a unique training on how to create your own digital products and then market them. John is a legit online marketer. He’s been around a long time and has made a lot of money for himself and his students. I recommend the Ambassador Program for those who have some experience in affiliate marketing and are now ready to tackle product creations.

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program review - overall ratiing chart 75 out of 100 recommended

I don’t recommend it for newbies or raw beginners because of the costs and I think you need some experience in online marketing before you try to create your own online marketing products. I would recommend they start at Wealty Affiliate and get a good foundation in SEO, website development, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and email marketing before they take the step up to product creation.

I hope this article has been of help to you. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below and I will get right back to you. You can follow us on Facebook: Online Benjamins, Instagram: dotcomdinero, and Twitter: @onlinebenjamin1. Best wishes for you success!


I’m Looking forward to working with you,

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P.S. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is COMPLETELY FREE to get started. No catch, no obligation, no bait and switch. I will personally be in touch with you upon joining to offer my support and guidance to help you get up and running online.

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