Starting a Home Business FAQ – Answers to 50 of the Most Often Asked Questions.

Home Business – 50 Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Home Business. Everything from what a home business is, how to start one, how to be successful in home business to the pros and cons of a home business. If you have any other questions you can check the search bar at the bottom of the page for possible answers. Or, leave your questions in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

What is a Home Business?

A home business is a small business that operates from the business owner’s home office. In addition to location, home businesses are usually defined by having a very small number of employees, usually all immediate family of the business owner, in which case it is also a family business. Wikipedia

Q: Is Starting a home business hard?
A: Make no mistake about it, starting any business is hard work. It takes a lot of work in order for any business to be successful. If you choose a business that you are interested and or passionate about, that work will seem much less difficult. Making a proper business plan and being honest with yourself when it comes to expectations, your abilities, your talents and your time will go along ways to getting your business off on the right foot. You can do it, anyone can, just take the time to research and prepare before you take that leap.
Q: What type of business should I start at home?
A: There are a numerous businesses that you can now start from home. The best advice is to start a home business around something you love to do, or have experience in, special skills in, have an interest in or passion for. Then do your due diligence and make sure that there is a market for product or services. The following are just some of the many home business options you could start.

Service-based home business ideas include:
1. Tutoring.
2. House cleaning.
3. Freelance writing.
4. Personal training.
5. Virtual assistance.
6. Dog-walking.
7. Marketing.
8. Web or Graphic Design
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Q: What is Online Business?
A: In reality, “online” is just a channel that connects businesses to people. It’s a powerful tool that lets you reach anyone from anywhere in the world. Every business these days needs to be online in some way shape or form. Even if you are running a service business from home, you will need to connect with clients and potential clients via things like social media, and email. Not to mention the power of online advertising for growing your business. Online business, or E-Business (Electronic business), is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet.Wikipedia
Q: Is online business better than store business?
A: In general, opening a business as an online store is much cheaper than a retail storefront. Unlike a retail storefront, there is no rent to pay or other utility bills directly related to the store, except for web hosting and technical support. Some businesses will actually have both a store front and an online store. Think Walmart, for example.
Q: What is the most difficult thing when you start a business?
A: The hardest part of growing any business is getting people to know that you exist. You can have the greatest product or idea in the world, but if nobody knows about it, your business will never get off the ground. Attention, marketing, advertising to get customers will be your most difficult task as a new business.
Q: What can I sell at home to make money? What can I sell to make money from home easily?
A: With the growth of the Internet and platforms like amazon, eBay, WalMart, Etsy and others, you can find thousands of products you can sell from home not including those you may produce yourself. Products like:

1. Sell old clothes and household items.I
2. Make jewelry.
3. Re purpose old phones.
4. Make decorative coffee mugs.
5. Make t-shirts.
6. Sell furniture.
7. Create planners or PDFs.
8. Your own Crafts
9. Health Supplements
10. Consulting Services.
Q: What is difference between e-commerce and e-business?
A: To put it simply, e-commerce refers to buying and selling online, while e-business encompasses all business conducted online. E-commerce can be viewed as a type of e-business.
Q: Why online business is popular nowadays?
A: Many people are drawn to online businesses because of the freedom they offer. With the growth of the internet and Modern technology, like laptops, tablets, business apps and VOIP communication systems, you can start a business literally from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection. Sometimes referred to as the “Laptop Lifestyle”.
Q: How many online businesses are successful?
A: According to many sources, more than 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 (one hundred twenty) days. Not very encouraging, but most people don’t plan and don’t do their research, so they get discouraged when they realize it is a lot of work and it’s not get-rich-quick.
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Q: Why do most online businesses fail?
A: Unrealistic expectations of overnight success or get-rich-quick combined with little to no planning or due diligence before starting the business doom most new online businesses to failure. You need to do your research, make a business plan and set goals and objectives. You need to also do an honest self evaluation as to your skills, talents, experiences, interests and time limitations. If you do these first before you start, you will have a much greater chance of being in the 10% of successful home online business owners.
Q: What online business can I do from home?
A: Use your imagination. With the growth of the internet there are numerous products and services you can build an online home business around. Everything from freelancing to ecommerce store to legal consulting and everything in between. Here are just a few of the categories for you to consider.

1. Freelance writer. If you’re a great writer,
2. Virtual assistant.
3. Consulting Services
4. Social media manager.
5. Blogger and affiliate marketer.
6. Freelance designer.
7. Freelance coder.
8. Ecommerce Store
9. Surveys, searches and reviews
10. Online tutoring.
11. Ecommerce: selling goods online.
12. Videographer or photographer
13. Social media influencer or YouTuber
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Q: What is the biggest challenge when taking a business online?
A: Training, Tools and a support system. There is a lot to learn about online business and if you are not willing to take the time to learn and apply what you learn, online business will be very challenging for you. Things like the differences between Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Social Media Marketing(SMM), and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). How to run a successful email drip campaign, google ads and build and host a website. You must “Learn Before You Earn”.
Q: Which online business is best from home?
A: Do an honest personal evaluation of your experiences, skills, talents, interests and passions and then look for an online business that best fits your abilities and time limitations. The beauty of an online business as that any of them can be done from home, or anywhere else you can get an internet connection. “Live the Laptop Lifestyle”. Ecommerce and affiliate marketing are the two most profitable online business models.
Q: Who can make money online for free?
A: Starting an online business, or any business for that matter, “for free” with no money is more difficult and it will take longer to become profitable and successful. It can be done, but eventually you will have to spend some money to make money. After all, you need an internet connection and that costs money. The following are some of the online businesses that you can start “for free” or at least for very little money. But at the very least you will need at least an internet connection and either a smart phone or access to a computer to conduct an online business.

1. Become a virtual assistant.
2. Become a freelancer depending on your skills
3. Blogging
4. Review websites and apps.
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Launch a YouTube channel.
7. Participate in focus groups.
8. ecommerce dropshipping

Are Home Businesses Profitable?

Q: Is starting a small business worth it?
A: That will depend largely on you and your personal financial situation and motivation. Starting your own business takes a lot of work and initially the returns may be slow to materialize. However, having your own business will put you in control of your economic future, instead of a boss. And, you will be building an asset that has value. Someday, if you so desire, you could sell your business which is something you can’t do with your job.
Q: Are online businesses worth it?
A: An Online Business, will take a lot of work like any other business, but gives you the added flexibility to work from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection. You can operate without the costs of rent an utilities like a physical store front would require, and many online business models can produce “passive” income. That is income that comes in even when you are not working at your business. Example ad or affiliate revenue from a blog website.
Q: Is online business profitable?
A: Online businesses can be very profitable. Like any other business however, it takes work, time, research and planning to build a profitable online business. If you have the drive, dedication and determination to put in the time, work and not give up when things go wrong, and they will, then you have a much greater chance of building a profitable online business
Q: How long does it take for a home business to be profitable?
A: With a new start a business the average is three to four years before a business becomes profitable. This is an average, so some become profitable much sooner, and some never become profitable. That will depend on the product or service being offered and on the work and dedication of the business operator. However, most of the earnings in the first year of any new business will be used for paying expenses and reinvestment into advertising, marketing, and inventory, if needed.
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Q: How much does the average online business make?
A: Again, this will depend on the type of online business and on the work ethic of the business owner. Using the reported earning from US tax data, the average ecommerce site generates over $150,000 in monthly revenue within three months and nearly $330,000 in monthly revenue after one full year in business. This is gross revenue, not profits however.
Q: How can I be successful online and become a successful online entrepreneur?
A: In short, planning and preparation. In order to be successful in business, online or offline, you need to take the time to do your due diligence. First, and foremost, you need to do an honest personal evaluation of your talents, skills, experiences, interests, passions, and time limitations. Then you will be able to better select the business opportunity that best fits for you. Then you will need to set realistic goals and layout a detailed business plan then follow it. The following tips will help you get your online business started with a greater chance of success.

1. Do an honest personal assessment
2. Select the business model that best fits with your personal assessment.
3. Do your due diligence on your chosen business, products, services and competition
4. Get to know who your ideal customer is.
5. Set realistic and attainable goals.
6. Create a detailed business plan of action.
7. Find a good support coach and mentor.
8. Execute your plan, IE start your business!
9. Never stop learning.
10. Never give up, you can reevaluate and change directions but don’t quit.
Q: Is selling online profitable?
A: Without all the overhead associated with a physical store, you can offer your products online at lower prices and still make a profit. Since your costs of doing business are lower, online businesses tend to have higher profit margins. With the growth of the internet, It’s has become a very simple process to create an online store and sell any product or service. Nearly anything and everything is being bought and sold over the internet from books, toys, software, food and even automobiles.
Q: How much does a small online business owner make?
A: That depends on many factors and small business owners typically try to minimize their “taxable income”. But, based on US tax data, The average business owner pays them self an average total income of $59,000 per year. Included in those numbers are things like bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. The average yearly bonus for small business owners is $6,250. The average profit sharing is $20,234, and the average commission is $15,000. Again these are just averages.
Q: Which home based business is most profitable?
A: Generally speaking the most profitable businesses, online or offline, will be those that generate the most revenue with the least expenses. Online service businesses where your only cost is your time and you are selling your expertise, will generate the greatest profit percentage. Ecommerce models like dropshipping and affiliate marketing where you have no inventory costs are also some of the most profitable. The following 8 categories of home businesses are highly profitable.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Dropshipping
3. Ecommerce store
4. Consulting Services
5. Digital Products – online courses, software, ebooks
6. Freelancing
7. Tutoring
8. Website development and SEO services
Q: How do I make my online business successful?
A: If you already have an online business that is not successful, or as successful as you would like, the following are some tips to help you become successful. Find a coach or mentor to hold you accountable. Or, a community of other online business owners that you can turn to for advice and answers. And, never stop learning. The world of online business changes fast, you will need to keep up with all the latest trends and technologies if you want to be and or remain successful.

1. Find a coach or mentor to look over your business and give you advice.
2. Join a community (Facebook groups, Forums) of other online business owners
3. Continue to educate yourself and keep up with changes in the industry.
4. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate and readjust if necessary
5. Keep a close eye on the money – hire a bookkeeper if necessary.
6. Work you plan and plan your work.
7. Stay focused on your goals and where you are at.
8. If you get discouraged and think of quitting call on your mentor or community.

How do I Start a Home Business?

Q: When should you not start a business?
A: You should not start a business when you have no idea what you are doing, what product or service you will sell, no realistic goals, no business plans, and no idea where to go to learn. You should also not start a business when you are in a desperate situation and or in need of immediate income. And, if you don’t have any extra time to devote to a business, you should not start a business. The following are the top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start a Business.

1. When you are desperate
2. You don’t have enough time
3. You are not willing to learn
4. You need money immediately
5. You have no goals, plan or product
Q: How do I start a small business from home? How do you start a small business from home online?
A: Starting a home business, online or offline is much easier if you follow a few simple steps to get yourself properly prepared and organized. You want to do your own thorough research on products, services, competition and legal requirements. Set reasonable goals and have a good business plan are the first steps before getting started. The important 7 Steps to Starting a Small Business Online or offline:

1. Do your research
2. Select your product and business model
3. Set yourself some realistic business goals.
4. Have a solid business plan of action.
5. Be sure to have all of your legal requirements.
6. Find a mentor, support coach or support community.
7. Commit the time necessary to work you plan and build your business.
Q: How can I start a business from home with no money?
A: Starting a business with no money is difficult, but there are some businesses you can start with very little or no money. It is easier if you have some money for things like advertising and marketing, and it will grow much faster. However, the following businesses can be started from home with little or no monetary investment.

1. Freelancing – writing, proofreading, video voice over, data entry, customer service, graphic design
2. Vitrual Assistant business
3. Start a Blog
4. Become an affiliate Marketer
5. Start a service business from home
6. Consulting services based on your experience
7. SEO – search engine optimization services
8. Website design and development services
9. Open an ecommerce store
10. Print on demand store
11. Dropshipping
12. Resale shop
Q: Is it difficult to set up an online business?
A: It is not difficult to set up an online business if you do your research first, find a good support group or coach to help guide you, continue to learn and apply what you learn. Now, it’s not easy money or get -rich-quick. An online business, or any business will take work to become profitable and successful. Online business is much less expensive to start, can make money for you 24/7/365 and is easy to scale once it begins to make profits. And, you can do it in your spare time without leaving your current employment.
Q: What is the first step in starting an online business?
A: The very first thing you need to do in starting an online business, or any business for that matter, is to do an honest personal evaluation of your skills, talents, experiences, hobbies, interests, passions and time limitations. Only then can you begin to explore business opportunities and find those that best fit with you and your situation and abilities.

1. Determine your niche and business idea.
2. Conduct product research.
3. Learn about online business laws.
4. Conduct market research.
5. Define your target audience.
6. Source products to sell online.
7. Evaluate product viability.
8. Define your brand and image.
Q: How can a beginner make money online?
A: Starting an online business can be very beginner friendly. If you are willing to put in the time to do your research, make an honest assessment of your talents, skills, experience, interests and passions, and have the time to allocate to working online, you can make money online as a beginner. Some great online opportunities for beginner are:

1. Freelancing
2. Reselling
3. Tutoring
4. Blogging
5. Affiliate Marketing.
6. Completing surveys
7. Become a Virtual Assistant.
8. Consulting services
9. Ecommerce Store
10. Dropshipping
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Q: How can I sell my product online?
A: If you make or produce your own products, you can sell them online and extend you reach well beyond your home. You will need a website or some sort of web presence, payment portal and shipping services. If you have your own products and are looking to sell them online here’s a good 10-step guide for how to sell your products online.

1. Produce or procure your products
2. Determine your Target Customers
3. Research what your products do for your target customers
4. Build your Brand identity
5. Get your legal documents in order
6. Build your Ecommerce website
7. Set up payment processing and shipping
8. Create an advertising and marketing plan
9. Launch your ecommerce business
10. Monitor sales and customer service
Q: Does online store need business license?
A: Be sure to check with your local government authorities. For the most jurisdictions, It is a requirement for online sales to have a business license. In some areas you will need a sales tax permit as well. You don’t need any legal issues so check with a competent business attorney and tax accountant when setting up your home business.
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Q: When should you start a business? Or, When is the Right Time to Start a Business?
A: When you have done your due diligence and research, have some realistic goals, time availability to devote to a business, and a good workable business plan then you are ready to start a business. You need to take it seriously or you will be doomed to the 90+ percent who fail. The following are things you need to have ready when you start a business.

1. You have done your homework
2. You have extra time to invest in a business
3. You have set some realistic goals
4. You have a detailed and workable business plan
5. You have a product or service that is in demand
6. You are committed to continuing to learn
7. You have a support coach or community or mentor
8. You don’t need an immediate income from the business
Q: How do I start a business in 7 days?
A: Starting a business in 7 days is a lofty goal and will require a serious effort and commitment on your part. It can be done, if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Below is a 7-day step-by-step process that you can follow to start your online or offline business today.

DAY 1 – Research Your Business Idea, products, and competition.
DAY 2 – Finalize Your Business Plan.
DAY 3 – Build your brand – logos, slogans, labels, messaging
DAY 4 – Create Your Website if online, open your doors if online
DAY 5 – Have a process for accounting and customer payments
DAY 6 – Let the world know your here: Advertising, social media, YouTube
DAY 7 – Create your advertising and marketing plans for attracting customers or traffic.
Q: How do I start an online business with no money?
A: Starting a business, any business, with no money is a difficult but not impossible task. Online business has much lower overhead costs making much easier to start with limited or no funds. Before you start a business of any kind, be sure you have done your research, set some realistic goals, have a solid business plan of action and have all of your legal documents in order. The following online businesses can be started with very little to no money and can be very profitable as well.

1 Freelancing business
2. Virtual Assistant business
3. Consulting services
4. Online tutoring
5. ecommerce dropshipping
6. blogging.
7. Affiliate marketing
8. Website design and development services
9. Graphic design services
10. Social media management services
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Q: Is it hard to start an online business?
A: Starting an online business is simple but not necessarily easy. It takes work and dedication like any other business to be a success. Online businesses, in general, are less costly to start and run with much lower overhead. And you can get started in just minutes with the proper tools, training and support. Even complete beginners can be up and running with their own online business and be making money from anywhere in the world that they can get an internet connection.
Q: How do I start a simple online business?
A: If you want to start a simple online business that has the best chance of being profitable and successful, you need to do your research into markets, products, competition and your target customers. The following 10 steps will help you get your online business started and positioned for success.

1. Do an honest personal assessment
2. Pick the right type of online business.
3. Pick your market or niche
4. Identify a need in your niche market.
Develop your product or service to fulfill that need.
5. Build your brand identity
6. Build and setup hosting for your website.
7. Take care of all the legal requirements of forming a business.
8. Set yourself some realistic goals for the business
9. Make a solid and actionable business plan.
10. Take action and get started.
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Q: How do I start an online business with no experience?
A: You want to start an online business, but you have no experience. No worries, we were all in the some boat at one time. You have already taken the first step by reading and doing some online research. Find a good support community or mentor to help you along the way and a good training platform that offers continuing education. Commit the time to learn and apply what you learn. Take it slow at first and, when you make a mistake, don’t panic just adjust keep going. The following steps will get you started in the right direction.

1. Do a personal assessment of your skills, talents and experience
2. Find a business model that best matches your skills.
3. Find a good support coach and or community
4. Commit to continuing to learn and apply what you learn
5. Research products, markets, and competition.
6. Select a Niche Market
7. Identify your target customer
8. Identify the needs of your target customer
9. Position your products or services to fulfill the needs of your target customer
10. Get your legal documents in order
11. Set some realistic goals for your business
12. Make a solid Business plan and then put it into action – GET STARTED
Q: What legal documents do I need to start an online business?
A: This will depend on your location of course, but be sure to check with your local government authorities and a good competent business attorney to make sure you have all the proper legal documents filed for your online business. In the US some of the required documents are as follows:

1. Business Operation License.
2. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
3. Doing Business As (DBA) License.
4. Seller’s Permit.
5. Sales Tax Permit.
6. Occupation License.

Pros and Cons of a Home Business

Q: What is the difference between online and offline business?
A: An “online” business is one that conducts its business entirely online and generates revenue from selling products and services that are either delivered digital or shipped directly to the customer. An online business is open 24/7/365 so it can generate sales when most offline businesses are closed. Setting up an online business will require much less start a capital and has much less overhead costs when compared to a physical “offline” business.

An offline business typically either sells physical products in a “bricks and mortar” store, or services that are limited to a particular geographic location. An offline business is limited to their opening hours, and can’t make sales or generate revenue when they are closed. Offline businesses have higher overhead costs for things like rent, utilities, and employees. The table below will give you a side by side comparison of the differences between online and offline businesses.
Q: What are the disadvantages of online selling?
A: The disadvantages of Online Business will center around customer acquisition and satisfaction. With no physical store front, you will be relying on website traffic to acquire and service your customers and this can be difficult particularly starting out. Getting traffic to a website is the number one problem of all online businesses. Without traffic, you make no sales. Online selling is very competitive and you may face internet security and technical issues. But, customer acquisition and building trust are more difficult online when compared to in person selling. Primary disadvantages of online selling are:

1. Customer acquisition – traffic
2. Internet security
3. Lots of competition
4. Building trust with search engines and customers
5. Customer Relationship Management
6. Customer service and support
7. Shipping and product delivery
Q: What are the top 5 legal issues that can affect your business online and offline?
A: Legal issues can rear their ugly head and affect your business at anytime. I am no lawyer and I cannot give you any legal advice. I can recommend and as two great sources of online and offline business advice. Below are the most common legal issues you will need to be aware of if you start a home business. Consult with a business attorney before you start a business of any kind, it will save you money in the long run.

1. Incorporation Problem. How you structure your business entity can save on taxes and protect your personal assets.
2. Trademark Security Problem. How to protect your brand and unique ideas.
3. Copyright Protection Issue. Your products and your services.
4. Transaction Issues. Customer complaints, returns, warranties, and disclaimers.
5. Privacy Issues. Protecting your customers information from hackers.
Q: The Pros of online business. How does online business improve life?
A: The Pros of online business are many and include the ability to be in operation 24/7/365. Your online business can literally make you money 24 hours a day, nights, weekends, and holidays. You are never closed. Offline businesses can’t compete with that. Online business has lower operating costs than offline allowing you to sell with lower margins. Other Pros of online business include:

1. global access – sell from anywhere and to anywhere in the world.
2. Lower overhead costs
3. Reduced or no inventory costs
4. Freedom to run your business from anywhere.
5. Can create passive income
6. Can build multiple businesses
7. Lower start a costs
8. Beginner Friendly business model
Q: What problems could be avoided in online business?
A: It’s always better to avoid problems when and where we can and online business is no different. Taking the time to do your research and create a solid business plan will go a long way toward avoiding many of the common problems you may face in online business. Problems such as:

1. Not having realistic goals.
2. Not having a proper business plan
3. Money problems – not enough capital
4. Product pricing
5. CRM – customer relationship management
6. Trying to do too much yourself
7. Racing to the bottom against the competition
8. Not paying yourself from day one.
Q: What problems do online businesses face?
A: There are a number of problems online businesses face that are unique to the business model. Problems arise in all businesses so it’s important to prepare and have a plan to deal with them when they do arise, and they will. Avoid them where you can, and handle them when you can’t. The following are some of the most common problems online businesses face.

1. Finding the right product and or niche market
2. Competition – everybody has competition
3. Order fulfillment. – packing and shipping
4. Customer experience. Building rapport with your customers
5. Quality website traffic and visitor conversion. – how to get targeted traffic to your website.
6. Customer Service issues. – returns, complaints, reviews
7. Burn out – trying to do everything and be everything can be overwhelming.

What are the best Home Business Opportunities?

Q: What is the best business to start in home?
A: The best business to start in home is one that not only is profitable, but fits with your lifestyle, skills and interests. One that you enjoy doing because remember, starting a home business means you will be spending a lot of your formerly “free” time working on your business. So, it helps if it’s something that interests you and that you enjoy. Below is a list of just some of the possibilities, what is best for someone else may not be best for you so do your due diligence.

1. Sell your own handmade products
2. Start an ecommerce store – Purchase products in bulk and sell them online.
3. Start an ecommerce dropshipping business – no inventory needed.
4. Start a print-on-demand business.
5. Start a freelancing business – writing, editing, data entry, graphic design, voice over services etc.
6. Start your own blog site.
7. Affiliate Marketing
8. Consulting services business.
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Q: What is the best online business?
A: The best online business is one that best matches your skills, talents, experiences, passions. Interests and time limitations. It won’t matter how much money it makes, or doesn’t make, if you’re miserable and in something way over your head. Now, with that being said, here’s a list of some of the more profitable online businesses. Do your own evaluation as to which would work best for you and your life situation.

1. Ecommerce: selling goods online.
2. Dropshipping ecommerce.
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Blogging
5. Develop ebooks and e courses
6. Social Media Management
7. Consulting services
8. Website design and development
9. SEO services
10. Tutoring services
Q: What can I sell at home to make money?
A: In short, anything and everything. It you have a talent for art, photography, graphic design, woodworking, quilting, or any number of others, you can sell your own products and crafts from home. You can start an ecommerce store and sell products from other companies. Some will even drop ship directly to your customer so you don’t even need to purchase inventory. Start a print on demand business and sell creative designs on t-shirts and mugs etc. Sell your old clothes, jewelry, old cell phones, and household items on sites like eBay. If you have access to a smartphone or computer with a good internet connection you can sell consulting services, virtual assistant services and other freelancing services from you home.
Q: What is the best online business for a beginner?
A: The best online business for a beginner, or anyone really, is one that best matches your personality, time limitations, skills, talents, interests, passions and experience. The following list is some of the best online businesses for beginners. Be sure and do your own due diligence to find the one that best fist your unique situation. If you’re online and reading this, you have the ability to start an online business.

1. Start a dropshipping business.
2. SEO consulting business.
3. Virtual online training and tutoring business.
4. Website developer/web designer.
5. Graphic design business.
6. Become a blogger.
7. Affiliate marketing.
8. Ecommerce store selling physical products
9. Virtual Assistant Services.
10. Freelancing businesses – writing, editing, proofreading, voice over etc.
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